Liz Waggoner

"I started Yoga with Tish two years ago at a really bad time in my life.  I was hesitant to take Yoga as I had never taken it in my life and wasn't sure if it was something I could do or that I would be interested in doing.

Well, thanks to Tish and her wonderful teaching methods, I LOVE Yoga. My body (ugh) has never felt so good. Tish has a teaching method that is great for a workout, not only stretching and strengthening, but mentally and spiritually as well. I have never felt as good about my mind, body and spirit than I do after I left a session with Tish.

And besides this, you will never meet a better person than Tish Tate.  She affirms you in a way that is so uplifting.  You can feel her soul reach into your soul.  She is a wonderful person.  

So take a class and you will understand what I mean.  It's definitely worth it. Namaste!!!!”  —Liz Waggoner