Dr. Ellen Wortham

"I lead a "more than average” stressful life. Feeling completely relaxed and peaceful within my total being was foreign and unimaginable to me. When I saw in my church bulletin that Tisha was leading a "Yoga in the Park" class on Saturday morning I was “intrigued."  I attended the class anxious to see if somehow, some way Tisha could give me hope, through Yoga, for a total release of body and mind tension. I had never really experienced that kind of inner "letting go" so I wasn't even sure what I was hoping for, but I got up early that Saturday morning with much anticipation.

After the class was over I just wanted to lie in the grass " a little longer" to savor the complete inner peace of body, mind and soul I was feeling. That feeling is impossible to put into words, but I knew I wanted it again and again. Tisha has the most beautiful, soft relaxing voice that makes you want to just melt into your yoga mat.  I am convinced that God has given her this gift to help others like me who have searched and searched for a way to survive our personal busy worlds full of tension, stress and strife.

After class I immediately went to purchase my own yoga mat and am anxiously awaiting my next moments of peaceful relaxation I have found with Tisha's yoga class. I am so grateful for Tisha's God given gift of calm and peace that she so beautifully shares with others.”  —Dr. Ellen Wortham