Liz Waggoner

"I started Yoga with Tish two years ago at a really bad time in my life.  I was hesitant to take Yoga as I had never taken it in my life and wasn't sure if it was something I could do or that I would be interested in doing.

Well, thanks to Tish and her wonderful teaching methods, I LOVE Yoga. My body (ugh) has never felt so good. Tish has a teaching method that is great for a workout, not only stretching and strengthening, but mentally and spiritually as well. I have never felt as good about my mind, body and spirit than I do after I left a session with Tish.

And besides this, you will never meet a better person than Tish Tate.  She affirms you in a way that is so uplifting.  You can feel her soul reach into your soul.  She is a wonderful person.  

So take a class and you will understand what I mean.  It's definitely worth it. Namaste!!!!”  —Liz Waggoner

Elora Lopez

"Yoga for Every Body is the statement of this up and coming Yogi.  What does it mean, you ask?  It simply means that Everyone, no matter what their skill set, can come and practice yoga.  Another unique thing about this teacher's classes, is that there is always a point of reflection.  For example, in one of the classes I attended, the reflection thought was: I Am Extraordinary.  Students are encouraged to ponder on what the statement may mean to them as they stretch, and breathe through their tree poses.  Tisha Tate has worked hard to create a safe space where people can come let their guards down, to breathe, and to just be connected with yourself and others.  If you come out of the class a little stronger in a pose... well, that's just a bonus!  If you get the chance to try one of these classes, you should!  I promise, you won't regret it."  -Elora Lopez

Dr. Ellen Wortham

"I lead a "more than average” stressful life. Feeling completely relaxed and peaceful within my total being was foreign and unimaginable to me. When I saw in my church bulletin that Tisha was leading a "Yoga in the Park" class on Saturday morning I was “intrigued."  I attended the class anxious to see if somehow, some way Tisha could give me hope, through Yoga, for a total release of body and mind tension. I had never really experienced that kind of inner "letting go" so I wasn't even sure what I was hoping for, but I got up early that Saturday morning with much anticipation.

After the class was over I just wanted to lie in the grass " a little longer" to savor the complete inner peace of body, mind and soul I was feeling. That feeling is impossible to put into words, but I knew I wanted it again and again. Tisha has the most beautiful, soft relaxing voice that makes you want to just melt into your yoga mat.  I am convinced that God has given her this gift to help others like me who have searched and searched for a way to survive our personal busy worlds full of tension, stress and strife.

After class I immediately went to purchase my own yoga mat and am anxiously awaiting my next moments of peaceful relaxation I have found with Tisha's yoga class. I am so grateful for Tisha's God given gift of calm and peace that she so beautifully shares with others.”  —Dr. Ellen Wortham

Charles and Dana Middleton

"Whether Tish is with a mixed group or in a private practice session, she arrives with a lesson plan ready to lead us.  In a mixed group, there are many different ages and many different physical conditions but you would never know that this is supposed to be a difficult practice with Tish at the front of the room.  Every Yogi is made to feel welcome and comfortable during the practice. Poses are not too easy and not too hard.  Tish works her lesson plan and you just leave refreshed and feeling better.  This senior couple certainly recommends Tisha Tate.”  
—Charles and Dana Middleton