We have a responsibility to make sure the impact we have on the world – is a good one.

Let’s join together in one of my yoga and breath-based experiences, and see what kind of connection we can create.

I’ll guide you to be mindful and feel good, so you’re inspired to do good and live meaningfully.

Hopefully these meaningful experiences will grow into meaningful lives: full of purpose, light, and love.

Because each of us has the power to do something purposeful with our lives – and together, we can do everything.

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I'M TISHA TATE. I create experiences that cultivate community and change – through the practice of yoga, and through meaningful gatherings.

Sometimes life feels like it’s getting away from you, and there’s no time to dream – or even breathe!

So I hold space for people to slow down, let go, and come home to themselves through breath, movement, and empowering inspiration.

You learn truths about yourself in these moments – like that beneath the story we’re telling ourselves is a light trying to shine through and guide us toward what truly fills our souls.

When we can start to see that light in others, we realize that our exhale is another’s inhale.